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Step 1: Contact us

Contact us and arise your concern with one of our fully trained staff who will assist to resolve your complaint within 5 working days, otherwise inform you updated if it will takes more time.

Step 2: Escalation

After receiving our initial resolution, if you are still not satisfied and intending to escalate the matter, you could call us on: 07739794038 or email us to: we will take 10 working days to resolve your complaint. If you are not agreed this resolution, we will send you a deadlock letter, then you can forward your complain to the Energy Ombudsman. Moreover, if your complaint takes more than 8 weeks to resolve or you are not happy with the progress of your complain, you can take the matter to the Energy Ombudsman.

Step 3: Complaint to the Energy Ombudsman

If we cannot resolve your complaint, you have the right to refer your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman. The Energy Ombudsman is an independent body not connected with energy companies and it is FREE of charge. The type of remedies available are an apology, an explanation of what went wrong, a practical action to be taken to correct the problem and/or a financial award.

For Any Enquiry or Complaint

Once we receive your complaint, we will try to resolve the matter within 5 working days. However, there are some circumstances it may take longer time such as to gather information and evidence. If it is so happens, we will inform you time to time regarding the progress of your complaints. At this stage of your complaint, we will provide you full explanation of what went wrong, fix the problems and offer apologies.